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The visual composition reimagines the iconic Windows 11 wallpaper as an edible sculpture, transforming the familiar bloom shape into a burger. Each petal is represented by a meticulously toasted piece of bread, carefully arranged to mimic the sweeping curves of the original design. The burger's ingredients are artfully layered within these bread 'petals', creating a vibrant medley of textures and colors that offer a playful twist on digital and culinary arts.

AI + Art

Windows 11 Wallpaper

Burger Bloom

The iconic Windows 11 Wallpaper reimagined as a burger.

The Windows 11 “Bloom” wallpaper has become a symbol of modern digital design, recognized globally for its distinctive aesthetics. Advances in AI image generation technologies like Stable Diffusion and ControlNet are rapidly progressing, opening new avenues for creative exploration. This series experiments by integrating the “Bloom” design with various everyday objects, showcasing the practical applications of these technologies. Such tools are proving instrumental in overcoming traditional barriers to creativity, allowing artists to focus more on innovation and less on technical limitations.

The iconic Windows 11 Wallpaper

The Inspiration

The original, iconic Windows 11 default wallpaper, also known as the bloom, first released in 2020.

The Transition from Text to Image

This video demonstrates a seamless transition from a text prompt "a burger" to an image prompt of the iconic "Bloom" shape. The process is divided into 100 distinct steps, which are then animated to show the gradual transformation from text prompt to image prompt.

Changing appearances

Changing the iconic bloom wallpaper shape into multiple types of daily items, especially foods, while mataining the original shape.

This is achieved by running multiple ControlNet over the original Windows 11 bloom wallpaper, and then upscaled the generated results. 

Windows 11 Wallpaper
A delightful ensemble of ice cream cones showcases an array of pastel colors, including blue, pink, and vanilla. The creamy scoops are artistically arranged, creating a visually appealing and mouth-watering presentation. The background features a subtle gradient of soft pink and blue hues, enhancing the dreamy and whimsical aesthetic. This image is AI-generated using Stable Diffusion and ControlNet, drawing inspiration from the iconic shape of the Windows 11 wallpaper, Bloom. Melting ice cream drips gently down the cones, adding a touch of realism to this tempting treat.

And more...

Such as Ice Cream Bloom, using Stable Diffusion + ControlNet

and animated!

Using Stable Diffusion + IPAdapter + AnimateDiff + Topaz Video AI

more animations

Using Stable Diffusion + IPAdapter + AnimateDiff + Topaz Video AI

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