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This photograph conveys motion through a blur of figures against an urban backdrop, possibly a street or station. The central figure, more defined than the rest, appears to be walking purposefully forward. The surrounding individuals are rendered as streaks of colors and shapes, emphasizing the speed and transient moments that define life in the city. The scene is an abstract representation of daily life, where everyone and everything is in constant flux.

Work in Progress

Space without Time

2016 - 2024

/ 影像,多屏
/ 2016 - 2024 (进行中)

Space without Time
/ video art, multiple screens
/ 2016 - 2024 (in progress)

Created by

Ziye Liu

Between Two Worlds

Transitioning between cities and countries inevitably leads to an abundance of random, inconsequential thoughts.

4-Panel Video in Loop | Beijing, 2019

Visibility vs Invisibility

At its core, "Space without Time" confronts the viewer with the paradox of visibility and invisibility in the digital age. It underscores the irony of living in densely populated cities where individuals, despite their physical proximity, often exist in bubbles of solitude. 

2 Panel Video in Loop | Beijing, 2018

Capturing the Isolated

The process is both deliberate and serendipitous. From the passenger seat of a moving vehicle, the camera swings, capturing slices of daily existence with an asynchronous orbit. This technique, akin to a dance between observer and observed, results in a collection of drive-by footage that presents random individuals in a myriad of activities.

2 Panel Video in Loop | London, 2018

2 Panel Video in Loop | Shanghai, 2023

Unguarded Moments

Each person, captured unawares, becomes a subject of interest against the urban backdrop, their stories briefly intersecting with the artist's gaze. The diversity of these subjects—varying in class, mood, status, behavior, and purpose—offers a rich snapshot of city life in its most unguarded moments.

Behind the Scenes

Many people are intrigued by the original slow-motion and time slicing effects I created. The video below shows how raw footage is transformed into compelling time distortion scenes. Starting with the original video, each frame is meticulously analyzed to focus on each individual, underscoring the unique yet connected experiences of people in a vibrant urban setting.

Step 1 - Original footage capture.

Step 2 - Multi-subject tracking from the viewpoint, ensuring the camera focuses on each individual.

Step 3 - Reconstructing the 3D scene using Gaussian Splatting for subsequent processing.

4 Panel Video in Loop | Shanghai, 2019


Filmed at a high frame rate and meticulously processed in post-production, the footage undergoes a significant transformation. By employing stabilization and advanced blending techniques, it becomes possible to adjust and reapply the focus point on various subjects within a single take. This approach isolates and highlights different individuals by tracking them, effectively drawing them out from their surroundings. As a result, their immediate environment merges into a flowing spectrum of light and shadow. 

2 Panel Video in Loop | Beijing, 2017

Motion and Stillness

It's a technique that captures more than just movement—it distills the essence of time itself. The process leaves each chosen subject in stark contrast, sharply defined against a backdrop of temporal fluidity, allowing for multiple perspectives within the continuum of a single moment.

2-Panel Video in Loop | Shanghai, Beijing, 2018 - 2023

Anonymous Islands

"Space without Time" evocatively captures the indifference that pervades public spaces, where the presence of others is acknowledged yet largely ignored, rendering each person an island adrift in a sea of anonymity.




By pointing the camera towards the unfolding panorama of the outside world, through a repetitive horizontal panning motion — a deliberate yet fluid movement that captures the essence of the journey until the destination is reached or the recording ceases. 


This methodical process collects a series of unintended recordings, from which a curation of unexpected moments emerges, featuring a diverse range of subjects caught in the midst of their daily lives.

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