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2022 - Now

A.I. + Art

Exploring the evolution of A.I. in art, this collection reflects a personal journey through innovative techniques since mid-2022.


Since mid-2022, my artistic journey has been intertwined with the rapid evolution of AI, from foundational diffusion models to the nuanced technique of gaussian splattering. The pace of A.I. tool advancement often surpasses the frequency of updates. Nonetheless, my dedication is to blend these innovative tools with the core principles of art, aiming to both preserve and elevate conventional aesthetic values.

Reimagining the Iconic Windows 11 Wallpaper

The Windows 11 wallpaper, with its fluid, dynamic curves and soft blue hues, is transformed into intriguing objects using AI tools like Stable Diffusion, ControlNet and AnimateDiff, showcasing the endless possibilities of AI in digital art.

"Nature's Algorithm", three-panel video art in loop, size variable (2023)

A triptych of video art blends abstract realism with organic motion, created through Stable Diffusion and AnimateDiff techniques by the end of 2023. These panels showcase the fusion of algorithmic creativity and natural dynamics, highlighting the advancements in digital art and generative technology.

To be Continued
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