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2020 New Works
This photograph conveys motion through a blur of figures against an urban backdrop, possibly a street or station. The central figure, more defined than the rest, appears to be walking purposefully forward. The surrounding individuals are rendered as streaks of colors and shapes, emphasizing the speed and transient moments that define life in the city. The scene is an abstract representation of daily life, where everyone and everything is in constant flux.

Work in Progress

Photography / Video Art

2016 - 2024

/ 影像,多屏
/ 2016 - 2024 (进行中)

new series with unknown names
/ video art, multiple screens
/ 2016 - 2024 (in progress)




Pointing the camera towards the outside world,​ repeating a horizontal panning motion. Keep doing this until arrival at destination or the camera stops recording.

Collecting these unconciously recorded footages, and curate unexpected moments from a variaty of subjects. 

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