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3D Visual Artist

The image is from Director Ziye Liu's short film "Themes & Variations" from 2015, symbolizing a concept or narrative pivotal to the film’s themes. This composition presents a visually arresting scene where multiple wooden stools with varying designs and states of wear are captured in a moment of suspended animation. The stools are arranged in a seemingly haphazard but calculated circular pattern, suggesting motion and chaos frozen in time. The organic textures of the wood contrast with the stark, industrial surfaces of the concrete wall and grey paneling in the background. The interplay of light and shadow is a prominent feature, with the strong, defined shadows on the wall adding depth and a sense of three-dimensional space to the image.
Red Dot Award Winner Logo


This 3D rendering showcases a modern architectural vista, characterized by geometric lines and planes of concrete that intersect and overlap, creating a complex interplay of light and shadow. The focal point is the ground, where water has pooled, mirroring the textures and shapes above it with a glossy sheen that captures the surrounding light. A lens flare effect dominates the scene, suggesting the presence of a bright light source, which contributes to the image's atmospheric quality. Light filters through the structure, casting fragmented and soft-edged shadows that contrast with the hard lines of the architecture. This visual piece, attributed to 3D artist Ziye Liu, combines elements of realism with a dream-like quality, likely designed to evoke an emotional response or to convey a specific mood or theme.

Digital Art


This panoramic collage presents a sequence of images in a sleek, modern aesthetic, featuring a silhouette of a person, a powerful ocean wave, vibrant neon light trails, and a close-up of a Microsoft product.

Commercial Works

For Clients & 

A textured oil painting portrays a rustic countryside scene with a cluster of houses set against a backdrop of towering mountains.



This photograph showcases a dreamlike arrangement with books and various objects delicately hanging by strings, creating a sense of magic and weightlessness. The central focus is a book with pages splayed, suspended as if caught in mid-flip, while a golden, pear-shaped object hangs in the foreground, drawing the eye with its unique shape and color. A soft glow and lens flare from the background imbue the scene with warmth and an almost celestial quality. The depth of field is shallow, with the nearest elements in sharp focus against a gently blurred background, enhancing the feeling of a moment frozen in time.



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